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Event Registration Process

What happens when a guest registers for your event? Let's walk through the flow.

Collect Feedback from your Event Guests

Send a feedback email after your event to collect feedback on how the event went. Share positive feedback on social media.

Adding Hosts and Managers to Your Event

Easily manage events with your friends and team.

Event Referrals

Let guests invite their friends to your event and see which guests are sharing the event.

Check In Guests for In Person Events

Scan guests tickets to check them in for in person events. This helps you manage who joins your event and gives you attendance.

Hiding Your Event Location

You can set up your event to only share the location with approved guests.

How to Stream and Record Your Event

A guide to Zoom's video quality and recording settings.

Luma with Zoom Webinars

Luma can automatically create Zoom Meetings or Webinars.

Event Insights

Understand how people are finding your event and registering.

Crypto Features in Luma

Token gate your events, collect Ethereum + Solana addresses, and more.

Multi-Session Events

Support for multi-session events is ending January 2024

Updating a Guest's Email or Name

You can add a guest or direct them to the settings

Event Guest List

Show or hide your event guest list on the event page

Featuring Your Event on Luma

We feature great events to boost their reach.

Updating Event Information

Keep your guests informed with changes to your event

Hybrid Events

Host events with both a physical and online location

Canceling an Event

You can cancel an event to delete the event and refund guests

Getting Receipts for Your Tickets

Learn how to generate receipts or invoices for your paid Luma tickets.
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