Event Referrals

Let guests invite their friends to your event and see which guests are sharing the event.

Referral Links

Events are naturally social. If you're going to an event, you want to bring your friends to the event with you.

Luma encourages guests to invite their friends and makes it easy for the event host to see who is doing a good job inviting friends to join the event.

When you register for an event as a guest, you will get prompted to share a link for other people to join you at the event.

When someone else opens that link, they will see that you are inviting them to join:

And if you register from someone else's join link, we will keep track of that. The event host can see who has invited other people to join on the Insights tab of the event.

We recommend using this feature to see who is promoting your event and thanking them for sharing your event.

Tracking Registrations with UTM Links

UTM Parameters are often used by marketing tools to track where traffic is coming from and to measure the impact of different marketing efforts.

Luma supports the utm_source parameter. So you can create an event link with an additional utm_source parameter to track page views and registrations.

Let's say your event link is https://lu.ma/paid-event and your utm_source parameter is help_article — then your UTM link would be:


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