Rich Text on Luma

We've built a powerful, easy-to-use rich text editor that you can use for your newsletters, community library, and event descriptions.


  • Headers — You can insert two levels of headers.

  • Images — Insert buttons from the toolbar, paste images, or drag and drop into the editor. You can resize images once they are inserted.

  • Video Embeds — Paste in a link from YouTube, Loom or Vimeo and we will embed a video preview that can be played inline.

  • Buttons — Add a button and customize the link and title.

  • Attachments — We support PDF attachments. Insert from the toolbar or drag and drop a PDF.

  • Links — Highlight some text and paste a link and we will automatically linkify the highlighted text.

  • Bullets and Lists — You can nest bullets and ordered lists.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • ⌘ + B — Bold

  • ⌘ + I — Italics

  • ⌘ + U — Underline

  • ⌘ + K — Add link

Markdown Shortcuts

We support several markdown shortcuts to make it easier to create rich texts.

  • *text* — Bold the text inside

  • /text/ — Italicize the text inside

  • _text_ — Underline the text inside

  • --- — Insert a divider

  • -[space] — Start a bulleted list

  • 1.[space] — Start an ordered list

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