Email Delivery + Open Troubleshooting

Learn how email tracking works and how to troubleshoot any issues.

We send millions of emails a month. Some of these emails will have issues. They won't be delivered or will bounce or be marked as spam.

Delivery Tracking

If we show that an email has been delivered, that means that the email was sent and we received a confirmation from the email provider that the email was accepted.

This does not mean that the email will show up in the recipients inbox. Email providers often have additional filters after this step.

Open Tracking

For certain emails, we will show you if a guest opens the email.

We track opens by inserting a small 1x1 image into the email. When the user opens the email, the image is loaded and we mark the email as opened in Luma.

This is not a foolproof system — some email clients will refuse to load images and not mark emails as opened while other email clients will load images before the email is opened.


Guests are not receiving my emails. How can I troubleshoot that?

You can ask guests to search for emails from the following addresses and to add these as contacts in their address book:

With certain emails, you can try resending the email to the guest.

You can also ask the guest to sign in at — if there are issues delivering emails, we will show them how to fix it as part of signing in.

Do you provide click tracking?

We don't provide click tracking. We may add that in the future.

Do I need to set up DMARC, DKIM or SPF?

No, we don't send from your domain, so you don't need to worry about setting this up.

Can I send emails from my own domain?

We may support this in the future as a paid feature, but right now we send all emails from and domains.

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