Event Registration Process

What happens when a guest registers for your event? Let's walk through the flow.

Here we will walk you through the event registration flow so you can understand what guests will see when they sign up for your event.

You can see the example event (and register for it) here: https://lu.ma/example-coding-class

Guest Views Event Page

You will share your Luma Event Page with your guests. On the Luma Event Page, they can register for the event.

You can find the link to the Luma Event URL on your Manage Event page.

If you'd like to customize the event link, you can do so on the More tab. But be careful to not change the link after you share it.

This is the page that the guest will see:

Guest Fills Out Registration Form

On the event page, there is a registration form below the event picture. The fields name and email are required for all guests.

If the guest has filled in their information before, we will remember their information and let them sign in with one click.

You can add customize the registration form in the following ways:

  • Add additional registration questions on the Manage Event page ➡️ Registration tab

  • Require payment on the Manage Event page ➡️ Registration tab

  • Let the guest choose between multiple sessions / times. You can set up an event as a multi-session series when you create the event.

Guest Registers for the Event

When the guest submits the registration form, we send the guest a registration confirmation email with a calendar invite:

This email is designed so that the calendar invite automatically gets added to their calendar. They do not need to click "Add to Calendar" or download the calendar invite.

For Online Events — We generate a Unique Join Link for every guest

If the calendar invite was for an online event, you would see the link lu.ma/join/.... that is a unique join link for that guest.

When a guest clicks on the unique join link, we redirect them to the Zoom or other URL that you have chosen when setting up the event.

The unique join link also helps with a few other things:

  • If you update the Zoom, we do not need to send out an updated email because we just update the behavior of the join links

  • If someone shares their unique join link, we can see that on the backend. This makes your event more secure.

  • We track when someone clicks the join link to join the event. You can see who has clicked their link and joined the event on the Manage Event Page ➡️ Guests Tab.

Email Reminders Before the Event

We send email reminders before the event. The default email reminders are sent 1 day and 1 hour before an in-person event.

After the Event — Feedback

After the event, we send a feedback collection email. You can customize this email on the Manage Event Page ➡️ Emails tab.

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