Luma with Zoom Webinars

Luma can automatically create Zoom Meetings or Webinars.

Zoom's webinar product allows you to host large events with over 10k participants, depending on your Zoom plan. Zoom webinars also allow you to separate the participants into panelists and audience.

Panelists have the ability to video chat, audio chat, share screen and more while the audience usually just participates via chatting, submitting polls, and asking questions.

Luma + Zoom Webinars

Zoom webinars allow you to set up a registration page. Luma replaces that registration page. Guests will register for the event on the Luma webpage.

On the Create page, Luma can automatically create a webinar for you.

If you do not see the ability to choose between Meeting / Webinar, that means either you have not linked your Zoom account or that you have the ability to create webinars. Try attaching your Zoom or logging in with Zoom to fix this issue.

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