Multi-Session Events

Support for multi-session events is ending January 2024

Luma's mission is to help you host delightful events. We got our start in March 2020 during COVID to help people run online events. As many of these online events were recurring, we built the multi-session feature to make it fast and secure to batch create Zooms for them.

In the years since, we've built more features for in-person events and paid ticketing, and in-person events have become the majority on Luma.

As we build out these features, multi-session events have lagged behind. They don't support ticket types, restricting registration to one session, and many other useful features.

We recognize that the multi-session feature is already complex as it is. Supporting all the new features would make it exceptionally difficult for both hosts and guests to understand. As such, we have decided to deprecate multi-session events. Starting on January 1, 2024, you won't be able to create new multi-session events on Luma.

Instead, we'll be moving this capability to the calendar level. You can create and list multiple events on a calendar, each with its own information and access control, and as we continue to build out the calendar product, we hope it will offer a simpler, more delightful experience for frequent hosts and event-goers.

Luma Calendar

Luma Calendar allows you to work with your team, create many events, and share all of your upcoming events with your community. It lets you apply tags to events, set different location for each event and get a convenient map view, and more.

We think Luma Calendar is a natural successor to multi-session events especially when we are shifting from online to offline, and we encourage you to set up a calendar and try it out.

Calendar Overview


What will happen to my existing series?

If you already have an existing series on Luma, we will continue to support it. You can continue to add new sessions to that series until Jan 1st, 2024.

Can I batch add events to a Luma Calendar?

We're working on the ability to do so and should have support for it by January 1st.

Can guests bulk register for events on a Luma Calendar?

Currently, guests have a few options to quickly register or subscribe to events on a Luma Calendar:

  1. Guests can quickly click through events and register for them one by one. We make the UX for this very easy.

  2. Guests can subscribe to the events in their Google or Outlook Calendar by subscribing the Web Calendar.

And as a host, you're able to easily add guests from past events whenever you create a new event. We will continue to streamline the registration experience for guests.

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