Luma Calendar Overview

Luma Calendar lets you easily share and manage your events. Every event on Luma is part of a calendar.

With Luma Calendar, you can easily host events with your team, share events with your community, curate events, sell tickets, and more.

Every event on Luma is part of a Calendar. You can see all of the Calendars that you are managing on your Calendars Home.

Work with Your Team

When you add admins to your Calendar, they will be able to manage all events that are managed by the Calendar.

You can easily add your teammates to give them access to all of your events without going to each event individually and adding them as a co-host.

Share Your Calendar Page

Your Calendar page is a customizable, beautiful website that showcases all of your upcoming events. Visitors can filter events by tags, explore events on a map, and subscribe to keep up with updates.

Send Newsletters

When guests subscribe to your Calendar, you'll be able to send them newsletters.

With your Luma newsletter, it's easy to include your upcoming events and to filter your audience by tags.

Highlight Community Events

You can add events from other Calendars and even from other websites. You won't be able to manage these events, but they will be highlighted on your Calendar.

This is a perfect way to highlight events that are created by your community.

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