Event Insights

Understand how people are finding your event and registering.

When you host an event, you’ll want to get an understanding of where your guests are coming from. Luma helps you track that information from page visit to registration to actually showing up for the event.

Before the Event

Page Views

You can track where your guests are coming from on the Insights tab.

  • Page Views — We show the number of pages views that you are getting over the Past Month / Week / Day.

  • Live Traffic — You can see where people are visiting your website from right now.

  • Top Referrers — We automatically track links to lu.ma — if your guests are coming from a social network or marketing website, you'll see that here.

  • Top Cities — We look up guests based on their IP. You can see where is driving the most traffic.

  • Top Sources — Here you can define custom tracking links with a utm_source.

    To create a custom tracking link, you can add ?utm_source=xx where xx is the name you want to give that custom link.

    So lu.ma/aloha would become lu.ma/aloha?utm_source=emailcampaign.

Guest Referrals

We keep track of guest referrals to make it easy for you to see who invited who to your event.

When someone registers for an event, we update the URL in their browser to be a special share link for them. (You can see that a link is a special share link because it has a tk parameter near the end.)

On the Insights tab, you can find which guests have referred their friends. You can also see this information by clicking on any guest.

After the Event

In Person Events

If you are using check in, we will mark guests as checked in. You can filter to see guests that were checked in on the Guests tab.

Online Events

If you are hosting an online event, we track a couple things:

  1. If people clicked on the Luma "Join" link.

  2. If you have connected Zoom, we track when people join and leave the Zoom.

If you are more curious about how Zoom tracking works, you can see our article about Zoom attendance.

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