Taxes and VAT

You can set a tax rate for all events under your calendar

We support adding a Tax / VAT to all events under your calendar.

You can set up your Tax Configuration by:

  1. Find the calendar you manage on and click on the calendar

  2. Go to Settings → Payment

  3. Scroll down to the "Tax Configuration" section

You can set the tax name and the percentage. This will be applied to all events managed by the calendar.

The tax amount is included in the price we show to guests. For example, if you set a tax of 20% with a ticket price of $10, guests will see a ticket price of $12.

When a guest checks out, we show the breakdown of the ticket price, the tax amount, and the total price they will pay.

Note: We do not pay the tax authorities on your behalf. You are responsible for collecting and paying the legally required taxes.

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