What countries can I accept payments from?

We support receiving payments from all countries and can pay hosts in 40+ countries.

We use Stripe as our payment processor. This has advantages and some limitations.

If you have a Stripe account, you can link it to Luma and start accepting payments. Or we can help you create a new Stripe account.

If you are from this list of countries, you can create a Stripe account. But your customers can come from anywhere. For example, if you are in Mexico and create a Stripe account with your Mexican bank, you can accept payment from a customer in South America.

Once you have set up your payment details, you can accept payment via credit card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.


Note that while Stripe says they support India, we are unable to support Stripe accounts in India due to technical limitations. We hope to resolve this.

Alternate Payment Methods

We don't yet support payment methods other than Stripe. We don't support PayPal or RazorPay.

While we'd like to support more payment processors, our focus is on making Luma a delightful place to bring your community together.

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