Understanding Import and Event Invite Limits

Different plans allow you to invite more people to your event but you can always have unlimited registrations.

When you create an event on Luma, you can start sharing that link to collect registrations. You can collect unlimited registrations whether you are on the free plan or on the paid plan.

We restrict the number of invites that you are allowed to send out. When you invite someone to your event, Luma will send them an email asking them if they would like to register.

For new accounts, you can send about 25 invites per week, but there are ways where you can increase this limit:

  • verify your email address

  • link a verified phone number

  • send invites / emails that don't go to spam

  • chat with us and give us more information about the type of events you are hosting and how you got your email list

  • pay for Luma Plus

You can see how many invites you have remaining on your Luma Plus settings. Your invites reset on a rolling basis — so if you send 20 invites today, they will reset 7 days from today.

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