Crypto Features in Luma

Token gate your events, collect Ethereum + Solana addresses, and more.

Luma has a variety of crypto features that you can use to super-power your crypto events.

Token Gate Events

You can require token gating for Luma events — guests will have to link their wallet and have the appropriate token in their wallet in order to register for the event.

  • This supports ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens on Ethereum.

  • You can set up token gating along with a ticket price or approval required.

  • You can set up one ticket type with token gating and others without token gating. This is useful if you want to offer a special entry / price to token holders.

You can set up token gating on the Manage Event > Registration tab.

Here's what an event with token gating looks like as guests register:

We prevent the same wallet or the same token from registering multiple times. There can be at most one registration per wallet / NFT. So if one wallet owns multiple NFTs, it can only register once and we will pick the first matching NFT that we see.

Collect Ethereum + Solana Addresses

You can collect Ethereum + Solana addresses as guests register. Guests will link their wallet and sign a message to confirm they own their address.

Guests can confirm their Ethereum address with Metamask or Coinbase and their Solana address with Glow or Phantom.

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