Email Consent and Cold Emailing

We do not allow emailing people without their consent.

We have built Luma to be a tool that is both delightful for both hosts and guests.

As part of that mission, we do not support sending cold emails or any emails to someone who has not given you their consent to receive emails.

If you are buying emails or using a sourcing tool, please do not enter these emails into Luma.

If you violate this policy, your account will be subject to suspension. If you are on Luma Plus, you will not be refunded for any extra time on your account.

Spam / Bounce Rates

As part of this policy, we expect that you will be importing valid emails into Luma.

We expect to seen across all of your emails:

  1. A bounce rate of < 3%

  2. A spam rate of < 0.1%

If you go above these numbers, your email sending will be automatically suspended pending further review.

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