Updating Event Information

Keep your guests informed with changes to your event

We want to make sure that your guests stay up-to-date as you change information on your event.

When you change any of the following information, we will send guests an update with a new calendar invite:

  • Event Name

  • Event Start Time / Duration

  • Event Location

    • Note if it's a virtual event and you change the virtual link, we will not send an update email because we will automatically route guests to the new virtual link.

In the screenshot below, you can see a footer "Guests will receive an email update." which we will show when you've changed information that requires an update.

If a guest has the iOS app, we'll also push them a notification with the new event information.

These updates will go out to guests that are "Going" to your event — if they are in another status such as "Invited" or "Not Going" they will not receive these updates.

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