Inviting and Adding Guests to Your Event

Learn how to easily send invites and the difference between adding and inviting guests.

You've created an event, great! Now you want to invite your friends, customers, or leads to join you at the event.

In Luma, we've built a powerful invite system so that you can send email, SMS and push notification invitations to your guests. And they will be able to easily accept or decline those invites.

You can invite people from the website or the iOS app.

Guests will always receive an email and if they have linked their phone number, they will also receive an SMS message.

Require Approval

Note that if your event or ticket has Require Approval on, inviting guests will bypass this setting. If someone registers from an invite, they will be automatically approved.

Adding Guests

You can also add guests directly to your event. When you add a guest, they will be marked as Going and will not need to accept the invite.

Additionally, when you add a guest, we send them a calendar invite that should automatically add the event to their calendar.

This is a great way to add VIPs or people who have already opted into joining your event.

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