Collect Feedback from your Event Guests

Send a feedback email after your event to collect feedback on how the event went. Share positive feedback on social media.

It can be difficult to gauge feedback for an online event. If you are hosting a workout or a cooking class, you are active and off your computer for much of the event. And if the event is large, it's impossible to see everyone's face.

With Luma, we will now collect feedback for you, automatically. After your event ends we will send an email to your event guests asking them what they thought.

When the guest clicks on an emoji, they will be taken to a page where they can leave more feedback.

We collect all of the feedback and update the Analytics tab on your event:

With Luma feedback, you'll be host better events. And you'll have awesome event reviews that you'll be able to share on social media.

Bonus: Customize the Feedback Email

By default, the feedback email goes out when your event ends. But you can customize the time and content of the feedback email.

On the Emails tab, you can customize the email content along with when the email is sent.

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