How to Stream and Record Your Event

A guide to Zoom's video quality and recording settings.

Great content: check. Great setup: check. You are ready to host a great Zoom event. Before you hit Start, check out some tips below to make sure you have configured Zoom itself in the way you want.

Tip 1: HD Video

By default, Zoom streams video at 480p (Standard Definition) unless you are doing an 1:1 call. Uh oh! Even if you've hooked up a DSLR as your webcam, your audience may still get just a regular, low-res experience.

You can enable Group HD video in Zoom's online settings page ( This will allow you to stream at 720p (HD) resolution. If you are hosting a large event, you may even enable 1080p (FHD) by contacting Zoom support.

Tip 2: Recording Options

Zoom makes it really easy to record your livestream. However, it may not record the session in the way you want. If you are using Cloud Recording, it's a good idea to head over to the online settings page again ( You may want to check most boxes in the Cloud recording section.

If you are recording locally, you can configure it locally in your Zoom app. One nice feature is to record a separate audio file for each participant. If you are running an event in which multiple people will speak, this option makes it a lot easier to work with the recording later on.

Hope the tips above can help! Know another Zoom trick? We'd love to hear it.

Happy hosting!

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