Use Luma in other languages on web and iOS.

We want to support your events around the world, so we have translated Luma into other languages.

You can see the list of languages that we support here.

As of January 2024, we support:

  • English

  • Spanish

  • Portuguese

  • Portuguese - Brazil

  • Simplified Chinese

  • Traditional Chinese

  • Japanese

  • Korean

  • Dutch

  • Korean

  • Vietnamese

We are in the process of improving the translation for more of the site and for more languages. But if you notice anything wrong in the translations, please reach out to us.

Language For Guests

If we know the language for a person, we will show everything in their language — the website, emails, invites, reminders, etc. We will know the language for someone if they've used Luma before.

If we don't know the language for someone, we will send them invites in the language that the host has configured. So if you are using Luma in Spanish and send invites to people who haven't used Luma, those invites will be sent in Spanish.

Translations on Web

If your computer is set to a language, we will try to load the language if we have a translation for it.

If you want to pick a custom language for your account, you can set your preference at your Luma Account Preferences.

Translations on iOS

Similar to web, we should show the language based on your phone's settings.

If you would like to override the language used for the Luma iOS app, you can open the iOS Settings app → Luma → Preferred Language and then choose a language.

If you'd like to be a translator or know someone who would be a good fit, check out our job posting.

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