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Troubleshooting Google Calendar Invites
Troubleshooting Google Calendar Invites
Luma should automatically add your events to your Google Calendar. You can see how that works and see how to troubleshoot it.
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When you register for an event, you'll receive a confirmation email with an attached Calendar ICS file. That email should automatically add the event to your calendar (Google Calendar / Outlook).

If you are finding that events are not appearing on your calendar, you can do a few things to debug this:

Hit Yes on a Luma Calendar Invite

Google has rolled out restrictions to Google Calendar to defend against spam. You can let Google know that you expect to receive emails from Luma by hitting "Yes" on the calendar invite in GMail.

Update Google Calendar Invite Settings

You can update your Google Calendar Settings to allow receiving invites from everyone.

Add [email protected] to your Contacts

We send all registration confirmation emails from [email protected] โ€” you can add this email to your Google Contacts to give Google another sign you expect to receive emails from Luma.

To add someone to your contacts, hover over their name in GMail until a tooltip appears. Then hit the "+" icon.

Add Your Personal Calendar to Google Calendar

You can add all of your Luma events to your calendar in one click from your Luma Settings page.

When you add an iCal subscription to Google Calendar, it will appear as a separate calendar and will be updated independently of the emails we send.

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