Event Series

Host events that are recurring or have multiple sessions.

Often you have an event that has multiple sessions, like a yoga class that takes place twice a week, or a program that spans a few days. For such scenarios, Luma allows you to create an "Event Series" easily.

Creating an Event Series

An event series is created in the same way as a standalone event. Head to the Create Event page, and select "This is a multi-session event." You can then add sessions and create the series.

If you choose to have Luma create the Zoom meetings for you, we will create a meeting for each session. This way, guests won't get access to sessions that they are not registered for. If you enter the Zoom information manually, we will use the same meeting you entered for all sessions.

Registering for Event Series

Guests can choose to register for an event series in two ways: registering for the entire series, or for individual sessions.

If you plan to charge for the series, you can configure the prices on the Registration tab of the Manage Event page. Series Price is the price for the entire series, and Session Price is the price for each individual session. If a guest registers for multiple sessions, we will calculate the total amount automatically.

Managing Guests

The Guest List on the Manage Event page shows you who's attending your series. Under the Full Series tab, you can see people who've registered for the entire series. Clicking on each individual session, and you will see people who attend that particular session.

We hope you find the Event Series feature useful! Have questions? Please don't hesitate to reach out.

Happy hosting!

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