Link your Discord

You can connect your Discord by going to your Community ➡️ Settings ➡️ Integrations.

Add New Community Members to Discord

When new members join your Luma Community, they will also be able to join your Discord. They can click the "Open Discord" button on the right to join your Discord Server.

Charge Members for Discord Access

If you want to charge for access to your Discord, this integration is a great way to do that.

You can set up a payment for your Luma Community and then link Discord. Then once people pay to be part of your Luma Community, they will be able to join the connected Discord.

Add Discord Members to your Luma Community

If you link a Discord, members of that Discord will be able to join your Luma Community even if your Luma Community is invite-only.

This is incredibly useful if you want to share events, resources or a member directory with your Discord server.

They will be able to join via the "Join via Discord" button on the Public Community page.

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