Invite via Email

If you know the email addresses of the people you want to invite, you can send them an invitation email right from Luma.

On your community homepage, find the Invite Members button on the right sidebar.

Click on the button to open the popup, in which you can import a CSV file containing the email addresses or manually type them in. You also have the option to add tags to the people you are inviting. Read more about Community Tags here.

If you invite someone who is already a member or who is already invited, we won't re-invite them. If someone hasn't accepted your invite in 5 days, we will send them a reminder automatically. If you are in an Accept Application community, sending an email invitation will exempt members from applying. You must share the public community page for members to apply to your community.

Share the Public Community Page

Your community has a public page for non-members to learn more about it before joining. You can set the link to the page and other information displayed on it from the Settings page.

If your community isn't Invite Only, non-members can join or apply on the public page. Share the link on social media and ask your members to spread the word for you!

The link is at the bottom of the Invite Members popup. Non-admins will find an Invite a Friend button on the homepage, which will prompt them to share the link to the public community page.

Manage Invited Members

As an admin, you can view and manage people you've invited to your community, as well as members in other statuses, from the Members tab.

To see who you have invited to the community, click on the Manage button on the top of the page to enter Manage Mode. Then choose Invited from the Status filter. The page will show you the list of all invited members. You can click on the Resend Invite button to resend the invite email.

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