You can use your Community Library to organize and share private resources with your community.

Library Hierarchy

In your Library, you will have Collections and Entries. Collections allow you to group together multiple Entries. An Entry can be a rich text document that includes videos, PDFs, images, and more.

Use Cases

  • A personal trainer can start a private collection of meal plans, or recorded videos for paid members.

  • A university admissions counselor can make a public collection of university resources.

  • A writing cohort can create and assign homework to specific groups in their class.

  • An investment community can share analysis on major market trends and predictions.

Create a Collection

You can create a Collection from the Library tab.

Collection Options

  • Collection Access

    • Select the tags you wish to grant access to the resource, or allow everyone to check out your work with All Members. You can share exclusive access to specified resources with community tags. Read more about community tags here.

  • Properties

    • If you want, you can include optional, additional attributes to have in all entries in the collection. Ex. Due dates in a course's collection

Add Entries to Your Collection

Once your collection is created, you can begin creating new entries. Click New Entry.

In an Entry you can write text, add videos, upload PDFs, drop images, and so much more.

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