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Tens of thousands of community leaders use Luma to bring their community together
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From fitness sessions to online classes to paid communities, Luma gives communities space to find upcoming events, meet people, and access shared resources. Here are some examples of hosts bringing communities together using Luma:


Alo Yoga — Link

The celeb-approved yoga wear brand, offers free community events globally to spread mindfulness.


Notion uses Luma for their ambassador program. Notion ambassadors meet, learn, and organize online events.


Ship 30 for 30 — Link

This cohort-based community, teaches the fundamentals of writing in a 30-day course with 500+ other writers.

FourToEight — Link

​Business strategist teaching stocks, entrepreneurship, & wealth management in a 4-part course to build a multi-million dollar businesses.

Anand Iyer — Link

​Visiting Partner at Pear Ventures, pre-seed and seed firm is teaching courses on decentralized finance (DeFi) investments.

Tara Schuster — Link

Comedy Central alum and Buy Yourself the F*cking Lilies author, is offering her workshops series on the power of journaling.


National Conference of Women's Bar Association — Link

The national association represents approximately 35,000 women lawyers in the United States. This year, they used Luma to host the 2021 Women's Bar Leadership Summit.

Liminal — Link

Australia and New Zealand's leading startup operators and coaches at Startmate are using Luma for their week-long series supporting women looking for a career change in the world of startups.

Fitness Trainers

Nichelle Hines — Link

Celebrity physical trainer, offers high-intensity workout classes virtually.

Chris Tye-Walker — Link

Los Angeles-based master trainer, fitness host, and former West Coast head trainer for Barry's Bootcamp, Chris keeps up the pace and hosts weekly, livestream workout classes on Luma

Higher Education

Leap — Link

Leap Finance, a one-stop destination for Indian students to fund their overseas education, is offering their series on college tips

ScholarMe — Link

Helping 100,000+ students to fund their college tuition by simplifying the application process for scholarships, ScholarMe is also offering webinars to showcase additional

Professional Development

Audience and Income — Link

A private community of 315+ LinkedIn professionals use Luma to connect and build their skills to create online income.

First Round Angel Track — Link

A community of investors and founders use Luma to offer early-stage investors space on Luma to meet, connect, and learn.

Lolita Taub — Link

Lolita Taub is Corporate Development VP at Catalyte and the Co-Founder and General Partner at The Community Fund where she invests in community-driven companies. Community members connect with Lolita to pitch, connect, and learn.

Tools for Thought Interchange — Link

Community of thinkers, tinkerers, and toolsmiths interested in computers as a tool for helping us think better.

Thursday Night Sales — Link

Every Thursday at 8:05pm EST, @avenuetp & @thescottleese host a virtual happy hour to connect and answer the toughest Sales questions.

Tik Tok

Duke Alexander Moore, CTC, EA, of @DukeLovesTaxesLink

Tik-Tok & accounting star shares his accounting expertise to 2.9 million followers, and on his Luma page.

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