With community tags, you can create different experiences for different members. They can have exclusive access to events and resources, and see what tags other members have.

Creating Tags

Go to your community Settings page, You can create and manage tags under the Member tab.

Click Add New Tag to create a new tag. Choose a name and color for the tag. You have two advanced options:

  • If you choose to make the tag invisible to members, only admins can see who has the tag. Ideal for internal member segmentation.

  • If you choose to apply the tag to new members, you don't need to manually add the tag as people join. Ideal for cohorts.

Applying Tags

You can apply tags to members on the community Members page. Click on the Gear button on the upper right corner of the page to enter admin mode, then click on the 3 dots button to manage a member.

Access Control with Tags

When creating a new community event or library collection, you will find the option to limit its access to certain tags. Select the tags you wish to grant access to the resource or select All Members to make it accessible by all community members.

Admins can always access all community resources, even if they don't have the required tags applied to themselves.

In the coming weeks, we are introducing more ways for you to use community tags. Have a use case in mind that we don't cover? Please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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