Hosts — Create a Credit Pack

You can create a credit pack on your Store tab:

You can choose:

  • Name

  • Number of Events — Credit packs can be used for a session of a multi-session event or a one off event

  • Price — how much your credit pack will cose

Guests — Buying Credit Packs

When you create a credit pack, we will add a Credit Pack block to your Luma Profile. You can rename and reorder that block by editing your Luma Profile.

Guests can buy a credit pack by visiting your Luma Profile.

Guests — Applying Credit Packs

You can apply a credit pack when registering for a paid event. If you are signed in and have credit for the host, you will be able to choose "Redeem With Credits" instead of paying with a card.

Hosts — Manually Adding Credit to Someone

If you want to manually add credit to a member's account, you can do that from the Audience tab —

Find the member you want to give credits to in the Audience table. Then click on them to open the expanded view.

You can use this feature to thank someone for being a great member, give them credit since they missed class, or however else you'd like.

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