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Adding hosts and managers to your event
Adding hosts and managers to your event
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With Luma, it is easy to have co-hosts and / or managers for your events. This can be useful for scenarios like:

  • You are co-hosting the event with others and want to list everyone involved on the event page.

  • You have a special guest who you want to feature on the event page.

  • There's someone on your team who you want to help manage the event.

Adding a New Host or Manager

Go to the manage page for your event, and you can add a new host or manager by clicking on the Add Host button:

Enter the email of the person you are inviting in the popup. We will send them an email to notify them that you've added them to your event:

Hit Continue to set up permissions for the new host:

If the person you are adding isn't yet on Luma, you can set an avatar and name for them so that they don't need to do so themselves. If they are on Luma, we will use the information they have.

Here you can choose whether the person should be shown on the event page, have access to the manage event page, or both. When you are done, click on Invite Host to add them to your event.

Viewing Event Hosts

For hosts who should appear on the event page, they will be displayed like the following:

Note that they must have a name before they are shown. Anonymous hosts are hidden from the page.

You can specify if you would like a host to be hidden from the event page by unselecting Shown on the Event Page.

Public vs. Unlisted Events

If your event is public, it will be listed on the Luma profiles of all hosts. If your event is unlisted, it will not be listed anywhere. Hosts can always access the event from their dashboard or calendar event.

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