We started Luma during shelter-in-place to help people connect online. We didn't set up pricing for any of our features, because we cared much more about helping people at an urgent time rather than figuring out pricing and billing.

Today, Luma is a meaningful product that thousands of hosts depend on in order to connect and to make a living. These hosts want to continue and grow with Luma which means that Luma needs to have plans to be a profitable, sustainable business.

We are rolling out our paid plan, Luma Plus, in February 2021. See the details below.

Luma Free

Free Events — free

Payments — 5% cut

Email Invitations — limit of 500 per event

Luma Plus — $49 / month or $499 / year

Free Events — free

Payments — 0% cut

Email Invitations — limit of 5k per event

Auto-Upload Zoom Recordings to Luma

Advanced Analytics — FB Pixel, Google Analytics

Custom Branding on Web and Emails

Premium Support

Luma Host Community

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