Event Cover Images
Choose a photo from Unsplash or upload your own photo
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Every event should have a beautiful cover photo. You can choose a cover photo when creating your event or edit the cover photo later on.

Unsplash Cover Photos

Unsplash is a gallery of free to use, beautiful photos. We let you search over the Unsplash gallery to find the perfect photo for your event.

If you choose a photo from Unsplash, we will overlay "You are invited to join ..." on the social preview image. This makes the invite feel more personal.

Here's what that looks like:

Upload Your Own Cover Photo

You can also choose to upload your own photo. Our cover photos have an aspect ratio of 2 width to 1 height and we will crop any larger photos down to 1000w x 500h.

We will not overlay anything over your cover photo if you decide to upload your own image.

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