Luma helps you get paid for your events. For that, we use Stripe as our payment processor. All payment is securely handled by Stripe and once set up, you should see funds arriving at your Stripe account instantly.

It is easy and fast to link your Luma account to Stripe. Make sure you are signed in, and navigate to You should see something like the following:

If you have an existing Stripe account, clicking on the Link Existing Stripe Account button to link it to Luma, and you are all set.

Otherwise, choose your country and click on the Create New Stripe Account button. You will be taken to Stripe's website to enter your banking information. Stripe typically processes new account requests within a day. If it's taking longer than that, please let us know.

Use a Different Stripe Account

If you clicked on the Create button but didn't finish the process, you will see the following information on the payment page:

If you wish to continue setting up the account, click on the Continue with Set Up button to go to Stripe's site. If you want to instead link to an existing account of yours, click on the I Want to Use a Different Account link below. That will reset your Stripe information and allow you to start over.

That's it! Set up Stripe today to start earning on Luma.

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