Here are some tips on throwing a great virtual birthday:

👩‍đŸ’ģ Pick a Party Host — For an in-person party, you can invite people over and let them mingle. But virtual events over 10 people get chaotic when everyone is talking, so it's helpful to have a host guiding the event.

đŸŽŗ Choose Group Activities — Plan on doing something fun with the group. I went to a birthday party where the host requested friends make a short video wishing the birthday boy happy birthday. During the party we watched her compilation of all of the videos.

⛹ī¸â€â™€ī¸ Try a Game — Games keep the event interactive without having to worry about who is talking over who. Try online codenames, charades, or trivia. Do you have a game I should list here? Let me know :)

🎟 Create a Theme — Just because you're all at home doesn't mean you can't dress up. Tell guests to get their suits out or to put on their craziest costume...

🧙‍♂ī¸ Book Entertainment — It's fun to have a magician, comedian, or entertainer to join the party and put on a performance.

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